About the School for Compassionate Action

Uniquely structured to teach clinicians and professional caregivers the tools and techniques to integrate mindfulness and embodiment practices into local and international communities in need.

SCA trained and in training professionals attend to those suffering with chronic pain and illness, trauma and addictions. Through experiencing the benefits of a personal mindfulness practice and actually embodying the practice through direct experience, clinicians carry a wealth of insight, understanding, wisdom and kindness into their specific fields of interest.

Additionally, they are able to alleviate burn out and compassion fatigue by practicing skills of self – care, regulation and emotional intelligence.

Our Mission

  • To provide trainings based in the practical and sustainable techniques of embodied mindfulness and meditation to healthcare professionals, teachers, and those who work in at-risk or in-need communities
  • To provide low-cost or free embodied mindfulness classes directly to at-risk and in-need communities.

On Going Support for Professionals Self Care will be provided in short and longer term retreats and workshops that will continue to nourish and empower professionals. These retreats and workshops will be designed to address the specific needs of an organization – the executive community and their employee support systems.

Embodied Mindfulness Coaching and Mentoring s offer ongoing support to executives and employees on a one to one basis as well as in small group settings. Embodied Mindfulness coaching and mentoring assists individuals in maintaining and deepening their own mindfulness and embodiment practices. Coaching and mentoring also offers guidance in ethical living, emotional intelligence, compassion and relational skills.